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August 26, 2011
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Pokemon BlazeRed ENG :3D graph by Eli-eli76 Pokemon BlazeRed ENG :3D graph by Eli-eli76
3D graphisme:
This style of idea in summer completely made by me, I explain to you:
When you will speak for one person about the 3D engages automatically in the slope of 70 as well as the zoom which is integrated and which will be differently used as you see him(it) on the image.
This style allows to have a very beautiful view(sight) in spite of I am going to change graphics and transformed into BW!
Good display(visualization)!
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SamRolePlay Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't this the game giancarloparimango played?
Simply this game is awsome & cooler than any other Pkmn Red remake out there... All you need is to work on the english translation or get someone to do it for you... Best Wishes! =}
thank you :)
Sorry for the delay
Hi! Great pkmn red remake there... This game is awesome.
Never seen this kind in a while... I believe Pokemon Jaune LightYellow is made by you too... The animated sprite for RED(in which red grabs his cap, which is shown when Prof. Oak asks for your name) is better in pokemon jaune lightyellow... You should use that one for rouge flamme(blaze red) as well...
There's no rival battle on the way to pokemon league at the beginning... Overall its a superb hack... It looks professinal & loved it... Best of luck! I hope to see a complete version soon...
How did you convert the models that were ripped from Black and White, that is unless you are just mapping the textures onto 3d shapes?
I am not criticizing by any means, your work is amazing.
Midnitez-REMIX Dec 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Perspective looks wrong but otherwise it seems cool. :)
Hello and thank you the demo will go out today!
She(It) is finished!
Thank you for are you compliment concerning the 3D Bluechromdev! xD
But I have to make a trailer for today.
Thus I cannot know!
@ Warp :
Je sais pas si tu as vue sur PSP mais je vais changer mes grph et elle seront dans le style de BW de plus il y a au moins 2 jours j'ai trouvé un moyen de multiplier la vitesse de la 3D a partir de script et à) partir d'évent
Le resultat sera encore bien meilleur que ce que vous voyez ici je te le garanti
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